GetTING Your Work Ready

STEP ONE: Your submission will need to be in an MSWord format: Mac, PC— doesn't matter. We edit using "track changes," which allows our editors to comment and show you what they are doing in every step. This way, if you don't agree with a change, you reject it. If you like the change, you accept it. "Track changes" is the universal method of editing in the publishing industry by large and small houses alike. It is simple to use, understand, and provides the ultimate benefits to both editors and writers. Not only will you see what changes the editors suggest, but you will understand why those changes were made.

STEP TWO: Run a word count on your piece; this will help determine which option you should choose when ordering a service.

STEP THREE: It is essential to also specify if your work is academic or creative. The editing approach to each of these types of work is very different. We adhere to the NCAA Guidelines for Tutors when it comes to academic work; we will not re-write your paper, but will help your format it and correct style and grammatical errors. 

Upload your work

You can upload your work by clicking on the button below. The form will provide numerous options, which will tell us what style of edit you desire, if the work is creative in a nature or academic, and which editor you would like to work with. Not all editors are available at all times; if your first choice isn't open for more work, we will match you with another editor who specializes in your genre. All of of editors are highly skilled, exceptionally experienced and have a keen sense for detail, delivering the best possible results in editing your work. 

Once you have uploaded, PLACE YOUR ORDER

On the Services page, you can choose which edit you'd like us to perform. Once you've made your choice of edit and the corresponding word count, you can click on the basket in the upper right hand corner and check out. 


A regular edit up to 12,000 words will take five business days to complete and return. Work that exceeds that amount will require an estimate for completion; please sent inquiries to Rush edits are available for work up to 3,000 words, and will be returned within 24 hours; you must choose the "Rush Edit" product on the Services page to order a rush edit. The edited document will be returned to the email address you specified when submitting the work in a "track changes" format. To return the document to a regular MS Word format, simply turn "track changes" off under the "Review" menu in MS Word.